I hired Tara Welch to work with my twelve-year old son to implement some structure, organization and process systems for school work.

After an ADD evaluation, this form of therapy was recommended to us as an alternative to medication. Tara worked one on one with my son helping him name priorities and process needs in his day and week.

The plan they created together has been life-changing for him! Tara is professional, approachable, efficient and effective.

Colleen C.
Marion, MA

After a recent move, Tara helped me organize my new apartment. By eliminating unnecessary items and redefining my storage areas, Tara enabled me to streamline my life and accomplish more on a daily basis. Now, I really love my home. The space gives me energy and I feel great coming home.

Joe K.
Chicago, IL

One of the most powerful things about working with Tara is that she simplifies the organizing process.

In all of the projects we have worked on, there was not one in which I was not completely intimidated and overwhelmed about starting. Tara was able to pull me through this by not only taking the time to understand the end goal and take initiative to start the project with me, but also to not let me quit when the overwhelmingness set in.

She truly has a talent for organizing anything. The money and time I am spending on organizing is an investment in my future. Thank you, Tara.

Alex T.
Wauconda, IL

I recently hired Tara Welch to organize my corporate office. I was never proud of bringing people into my office because of the clutter. I wanted something that not only looked organized but WAS organized. In less than one day, Tara was able to help me purge my clutter and organize my office space.

Now, when employees and clients come in to my office, I feel good and they feel comfortable too. More importantly, though, I have improved my efficiency greatly because I no longer waste time dealing with clutter and a disorganized space.

Alex T.
Palatine, IL