Home Organization

Organization begins at home. Live lighter by enjoying the peace of mind an organized home provides.

Delight in the difference of a transformed organized space at home. Go from overwhelmed to calm. Feel positive about your environment.

  • clutter control
  • spaces: you name it! (kitchen, garage, closets, children’s areas, family room, basement, bedrooms, etc.)
  • home office
  • mail system
  • personal papers/documents/files/record keeping
  • storage solutions
  • moving/settling in

Office Organization

Information reaches us at an accelerated pace, making staying organized more challenging. SORT transforms your work space, so you can stay focused.

Achieve maximum results with an organized office. Accomplish more in less time.

  • filing systems: paper and electronic
  • space allocation
  • storage solutions

Student Organization

SORT teaches the essential academic management skills, working with students to create innovative structures to ensure success at school.

Experience increased success at school. Feel capable of handling any task. Manage your assignments, materials and papers with ease.

  • time
  • space
  • paper
  • work
  • materials